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A couple weeks ago, I was invited to be a Love Notions Ambassador…a sorta secret insider of sorts with a responsibility to test patterns, provide feedback and to promote Love Notions patterns! Of course, I was excited about being invited into such an elite group of sewists and this post is to chit chat all about the newest Love Notions release.

LN Tempo sneak peak.jpgLN Tempo sneak peak.jpg


The Tempo sundress features a darted front bodice, and an optional elasticated or shirred centre back. As with many other Love Notions patterns, Tempo comes in two different bust sizes: the standard bust and the full bust, which vastly improves the bust fit on many without the need for an FBA. The size range? Temp ranges from XS to 5XL i.e. from a 33” bust up to a 57.5” bust. Hip hip hooorayyyyy for size inclusivity!

LN Tempo Hack.jpgLN Tempo Hack.jpg

I opted for the size L standard bust which has a finished measurement of 40.5”. Even though I am typically a ‘C’ cup, the bodice fit me almost perfectly.I suppose the elasticated back had something to do with it – maybe, kinda, sorta?!! Anyways, I only had to shorten the bodice pieces by 1” and perform a ⅜” sway back adjustment. This is almost unheard of for me! Usually I have to tamper with the dart position, lowering and lengthening my bust darts in most cases, but on this pattern… NADA!!!

Love Notions Tempo Sundress.jpgLove Notions Tempo Sundress.jpg

This dress will definitely be a summer staple. It has no closures and is a fairly quick and simple make. The elastic/shirred panel at the back, and the ease at the waist means that you can slip this dress over your head, and be out the door in a matter of seconds! I’m not usually one for loose fit dresses, because I like waist definition, but this dress has the perfect amount IMHO – loose enough to be comfortable, without feeling like I’m wearing a paper bag! Kuddos to Tami and Tessa!

Love Notions Patterns.jpgLove Notions Patterns.jpg

In its original design, Tempo has fixed straps and the option for a single gathered above the knee skirt, or a two-tiered maxi skirt. As cute as I thought the pattern was, as designed, I wanted to put my own little spin on this baby… and so I HACKED IT!

Tie straps.jpgTie straps.jpg

Instead of the fixed straps, I cut 4 of the strap pieces (on fold), and made tie straps. For one, tie straps are very ‘in’ right now, and I have many tied-shoulder dresses saved to my Pinterest boards. For two, even though tie-straps are a little more difficult to tie for one’s self, my sloping shoulders prefer them!

As for the skirt, I wanted something shorter, and full of drama. You may have heard me say before that my legs are my best assets, and I use ANY opportunity I get to show them off. lol. I shortened the main skirt piece to have a finished length of 12”, because I wanted the first tier to end at about my high hip. For my second tier, I cut two pieces of fabric 44” x 6” (one for the front and one for the back. I gathered each piece separately, and attached to the first front and back tiers. Tier three consisted of 6 strips of fabric measuring 36” x 4”. Three of the strips were joined together, gathered, and attached to tier two at the front, and repeated for the back skirt. Once i had constructed all three tiers on the front skirt and back skirt, I sewed them up at the side seams.

Hacked Skirt LN Tempo.jpgHacked Skirt LN Tempo.jpg

Now, Tempo was designed to have inseam pockets and I am a pocket girl. Unfortunately, I just did not have enough fabric to cut more than 2 pockets, so I omitted them from this make *ugh

Obviously, all this gathering was time consuming, but I am so damn happy with the finished result. The volume that the skirt gives balances out my proportions quite well, I think.

Ankara Tempo.jpgAnkara Tempo.jpg

Now that you got all the tea about the pattern, and my lil hack, lemme holla at you about the fabric for a minute. If you read my previous post, you already know that this week is #ankaraappreciationweek over on the ‘Gram. The explanation is in the hashtag – its a week showcasing and honoring all things Ankara (the fabric; not the city capital).

Ankara Tempo.jpgAnkara Tempo.jpg

I made my Tempo using this fun Ankara print from afriqueclothingstore over on Etsy. The quality of this Ankara is incredible. It washed up well, remained vibrant, and is sooooo soft against my skin. Being 100%cotton, the fabric was easy to work with: cutting and sewing was a breeze and I did not have to deal with much fraying. As with many Ankara fabrics, the width of the fabric was only 44” wide so keep that in mind if you decide to make a Tempo using Ankara fabric.


I don’t always nail the pattern to the fabric (or vice versa), but I actually think this pairing is a match made in sewing heaven!

If you wanna get your hands on Tempo, click here, on my affiliate link!!!

As a Love Notions Ambassador, I do earn a small commission for purchases made using my affiliate link, but it costs you nothing extra… so spread the word and tell a sistah to tell a sistah!

Tempo sundress at the beach.jpgTempo sundress at the beach.jpg

Right, I think we’ve chatted enough this week. Two posts in one week… ya girl is definitely making up for my mini hiatus. Make sure to check out the Tempo tester makes by scrolling the hashtag on Instagram. Whilst you’re over there, be sure to tune in to the #sewanakara21 hashtag as well!!

Love Notions Tempo.jpgLove Notions Tempo.jpg

Gotta luv ya and leave ya.

Until next time,



11 thoughts on “T.E.M.P.O

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    1. Thanks Chaela! This pattern was releasing today and I just HAD to get in on it. as you can imagine my sewing was Up-tempo looooll.


  1. you said a size L. and the fabric is 44” wide so how much did you use please. thanks a stunning make!


    1. hey Janelle! Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my little space on the internet! I purchased 3 yards of this Ankara and I had scraps left. Didn’t even have enough left to cut out 4 pockets. Hope that helps!


  2. Kris, first thing, this last pic is my favourite! Now, this fabric is absolute GORGEOUSNESS. I had it saved on my Etsy lists when I first saw it and I’m so glad it made as pretty as imagined


    1. Thanks so much Abigail!!!! I am really happy with the fabric for sure and its so soft and buttery against my skin. Definitely a good buy I think!!!


  3. BEEEEEutiful. Use of the Ankara print especially on lowest tier. I just love using the African prints-so vibrant and soft when washed, very little fading. A great addition to any sewers stashe.


    1. Thank you so much Pegeth! I really think this print was perfect for this dress! I’m fond of Ankara myself, and this one was awesome quality!!!


  4. Love your hacks!!! And the fabric is dreamy! I have two pieces of Ankara fabrics that have been sitting here waiting for the perfect pattern and this is it!! Side note- When I run off of fabric, I use a matching solid fabric for the pockets. Since no one sees them it’s ok and if the edge shows a bit that’s ok too because they coordinate.


    1. Thanks so much Barbe! I’m sure your Ankara pieces will make for fabulous tempo dresses. The pattern is just fabulous really in so many fabrics. I could have done solid pockets, or maybe even pockets in a different print but I can be so anal sometimes about my sewing projects lol. Thank you for the tip!!!


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