#365.25: Happy Blogiversary!

Photo: @vipmediamsPhoto: @vipmediams

Photo: @vipmediams


…Thats how long it’s been since I cut the ribbon and opened up my tiny space on the internet. My grand opening would not have been possible without help and encouragement from a dear sew sister, Sylvia, (@theravelout) and to her I am forever beholden.

When I got the email reminder that my yearly subscription was almost up and needed to be renewed, I hesitated… a lot, over what I wanted to do. Does this space make sense? Is anyone even reading, let alone enjoying it? Have I managed to help or inspire others or is it just another unwanted and unneeded expense?


I ruminated on many of these questions, and during my contemplation and reflection, I grabbed a couple cuppas, crossed my legs, and re-read many of the words I had written over the last 364 days. Each blog post stirred a different memory within me. Tea cup still in hand, I sifted through albums of pictures: some taken by my hubby, some by my bro and some by my friends, particularly Carandre of VIP Media Montserrat.


Whilst I read my post, many times I found myself in fits of laugher, especially when I remembered what it took to ‘get the shot’. Hundreds of awkward, unusable photographs stared back at me: face screwed up, looking like a broken doll with displaced limbs or with back and belly fat hanging out on the loose. But, amidst all that, I also saw some amazing clothing, reminded myself of my own fitting adjustments, and accomplishments, and I witnessed my own evolution before my eyes. Slowly, I began to recognize the ‘worth’ of having this space and now ‘i sing to myself, what a wonder-ful blooooooggggg’. LOL you betta have sung that line, and if you didn’t, go back and sing with me! C’mon, you know the chune!

See what I mean?See what I mean?

See what I mean?

I am thankful to all of you, who take time out of your busy, and no doubt, more exciting lives, to visit my little space, and to spend time getting to know me through my words and pictures. I have re-read your words of encouragement and I feel grateful for you. Thank you for jumping aboard the #M7974 train with me in 2020 (my very first post); for riding along on this colorful, fabric-filled journey; and for showing up again today! I am hopeful that I will continue to encourage, and inspire or at the very least, give you many more chuckles, as I continue this journey.

I know that I love sewing… it challenges me in many ways; it allows me to express myself and to push my creative boundaries… and since I’m already being all vulnerable and shit, I may as well tell you that the soft hum of my sewing machine has calmed my anxiety more than once.

I also know that I enjoy writing… meticulously crafting my posts and handpicking from thousands of words in the English Language.

The combination of those two ‘loves’ gives way to a pretty decent blogging space…at least I think so, but I could be wrong *shrugs

summer ankara crop top set.jpgsummer ankara crop top set.jpg

Anyhooo the long and short of the story is…




…and now that my Ted Talk is ova, let me tell you real quick about this make… because this IS still a sewing blog!!!

Image from PinterestImage from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest


Soooooo, I was aimlessly scrolling through Pinterest recently, and came across a top that made me stop. There was something about it that I liked. It looked simple enough and I figured yes, I could recreate it! I kept scrolling and came across a second top that gave me pause… heeeeyyyyyy I liked that one too! Perhaps, I could combine both and make one hella cute top using some Ankara fabric I had in stash from @afriqueclothingstore.

Image from PinterestImage from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

I did a mental run through of my pattern stash and I landed on #M7543. I had made the pattern before, and knew from experience, that the top did not have as much volume as I wanted, but it would serve as a good base. I traced out the size 16 of View D, stopping at the lengthen/shorten line on both front and back bodice pieces. I then added a 1.5” seam allowance to the bottom (which I used to form an elastic casing).

McCall’s M7543McCall’s M7543

McCall’s M7543

I split the front bodice piece, virtually, about a ⅓ away from the Cf and added a total of 4 “ of width to the front, plus a ⅝” seam allowance (to cut 2 instead of cut 1 on fold).

For the back, I added a total of 2” in width because I did not want it to be as full/voluminous as the front. I cut the back on the fold, as per the original instructions. I decided that I needed more fullness in my sleeve as well, so I slashed and spread the entire sleeve by 6” and then spread an additional 6” only at the sleeve hem. I probably could have spread them even more, but more volume = more fabric, and I only had 3 yards of this 44” fabric.

M7543 and M8004 summer set.jpgM7543 and M8004 summer set.jpg

In order to achieve the split front, I made a mark about 6” down the bodice front piece. I sewed the two halves from this point, down to the waist; and finished the upper 6” with a double turned hem. I then sewed the bodice pieces and the sleeve pieces as per the original pattern instructions. I used elastic in the sleeve and waistline casings, but made a drawstring for the neckline casing.

For the drawstring, I measured my shoulder width (44”). I cut three strips of material, 30” x 2”, joined them together at the short ends, and then created a long tube, with a gap left in the middle for me to turn the tube out. I finished the gap by hand-stitching and then fed the drawstring through my casing, with a safety pin…. ettttttt VOILA! I had myself a cutesy summer top!

M7543 ankara.jpgM7543 ankara.jpg

I am a little annoyed that I did not take better care with cutting out my CF pieces, so that the pattern was split equally down CF, but imma close my eyes and wear my top anyways!!!


For the skirt, I made view B of M8004 (with view A length) and added belt loops from view C. I really wanted to add a narrow, gathered tier to the bottom of the skirt, but my fabric just would not allow for it. Nevertheless, I like my summer set! I’ll confess that I am a little less amused by my stubborn back and belly fat, but keep your eyes off my flesh and focus on the fabric, if you please!!!!

McCalls 8004.jpgMcCalls 8004.jpg

So guys, whatcha think? Pinsperation nailed or nah?


Gotta luv ya and leave ya…

Until next time, {and there will be a next time since I ended up clicking the renew button}



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