It’s ma Birfday!!! – S9597 look-a-like

Sewists, what better way is there to start a new year than with a new dress made by yours truly?! Thats a trick question, obvs. lol There is NO better way. Every year since I’ve started sewing, I’ve made myself a birthday outfit. I wasn’t sure I’d get there this year because jah knows this belly has been in my way and slowing me down, almost grinding my sewing to a complete halt over the last 7 months.

A good S t r e t c h… Lola Tank Dress

The Lola tank and dress by Stay Stitch Pattern Company caught my eye especially with that racer front neckline situation. Up until now, I’ve hardly sewn any knits. In fact, in the 4 years since I’ve been sewing, I think I’ve made a whopping total of 3 knit garments… this one being numero tres! Simple math means that’s less than one knit project a year. What can I say? *shrugs* I started out sewing wovens and hit my stride and as dey say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it…

Well, y’all now its officially broken!!

Life… sans Sewing

Sewing served as a great distraction from my internal emotional wars over the last couple of years, but I haven’t heard the soothing sounds of my motor since last year! So here we are.

2021: Sew year in review

In just a couple of weeks, 2021 will be nothing more than a distant memory, and we’ll be unlocking the good fortune of a brand-spanking New Year! Just before we shout sayonara, I wanna record my thoughts on 2021.. you know… for the sewing vault!

To buy or not to buy: Patina Blouse

So, I did a poll on Instagram earlier this week, asking if anyone had purchased this pattern. I was shocked that 69% of you guys said ‘pass’, so I’m here to tell you why you MUST add this one to your pattern stash. Thank me later.

Invasion: McCall 8030 collab.

Anyways, about the pattern. McCalls 8030 is a shirt dress pattern released back in 2020. It is designed for woven fabrics and has 3 views. For my make, I nicked the collar and sleeve cuffs from view A, and added them to View B.

Niamh + Tempo Ankara Summer Set

Though I needed no excuse, I made a ‘summer-time’ set that I’m spilling the tea about today. It features the newest release from Sew Over It… the Niamh Skirt [5 points if you can pronounce it correctly]; a very hacked Tempo Sundress courtesy Love Notions anddddd the icing on the cake?… this gorgeous Ankara fabric from Afrique Clothing Store.

#365.25: Happy Blogiversary!

When I got the email reminder that my yearly subscription was almost up and needed to be renewed, I hesitated… a lot, over what I wanted to do. Does this space make sense? Is anyone even reading, let alone enjoying it? Have I managed to help or inspire others or is it just another unwanted and unneeded expense?


The Tempo sundress features a darted front bodice, and an optional elasticated or shirred centre back. As with many other Love Notions patterns, Tempo comes in two different bust sizes: the standard bust and the full bust, which vastly improves the bust fit on many without the need for an FBA. The size range? Temp ranges from XS to 5XL i.e. from a 33” bust up to a 57.5” bust. Hip hip hooorayyyyy for size inclusivity!


Today kicks of #ankaraweek over on Instagram, a ‘challenge’ hosted by 2 fabulous sew sistahs: @julietuzor and @thatlenaking. The focus for the week, which runs from July 12th - 18th, is to highlight and appreciate all things Ankara.

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