Animal Print #M8177

So, guys, there is a new-ish fabric company in town and they are serving up gold! Listen, Zelouf International has been in the fabric game for over 35 years but, they have recently expanded to give home sewists, like myself, access to their fabric, R.E.T.A.I.L! As part of their expansion, I received a gift card, and access to their entire stock of fabrics! I was like a kid in a candy shop, I swear. Guys, I was scrolling for’eva because there are just soooo many gorgeous fabrics on their website. Be sure to head on over, and see for yourself. If you see anything you like (and you will), use my code ‘unsewcialzlf’ to get 10% off your order!

Style Maker Fabrics Spring Style Tour

Welcome to UNSEWCIAL, the home of bright colors, gingham and florals…because Spring… right? Truth is, warm weather, sporadic rain showers and fresh flowers in bloom signal Spring for many of you… but for me, it’s everyday life. Unsurprisingly, when it came to visualizing my tour outfit and choosing fabrics, I wanted a look that would reflect my bright, bold, fun personality… after all, I’s a island gyal!

…this is what I came up with!


I finally up and made #m7969, a contender for the Holy Grail Pattern 2020 Awards. I done seen it on my feed more times than I could count, and whilst it always intrigued me, I just wasn’t sure it was ‘my style’ (whatever that means).

Be Bold or Italic

This year I’m “queening it”… yup you heard me! I’m treating myself like royalty for the whole of 2021 to make up for 2020! I’m brining you a Whole. Noda. Mood for 2021!

“Luxury is in each detail”

My final shoot for the year went down on the 5th of December. We spent our Saturday afternoon capturing stills of my latest make, another Simplicity 8014 – this one in Caramel Predator’s Pride cotton poplin from Mood!

Jessica Dress – The Remix pt.1

October is always a busy month for me. Both my husband and daughter are Libras and my Octobers are usually reserved for party planning and the likes. But, when I saw @scarletstitchonline rebrand October as #patternhacktober, in celebration of her birth month, I just HAD to jump on board. Because who doesn’t love a good pattern hack?

Journey to a pair of pants… S9114

I cannot, and SHALL NOT lie… pants have been my nemesis! I made a few unsuccessful attempts in the past and have tried a combination of every pant adjustment under the sun, at one point or another. Each time, I abandoned the project… but never the learnings.

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