Sewing Set-acular!

I created a sexy summer set by hacking 2 amazing patterns. If you wanna know how I did it, be sure to check out this blog post where I'm spilling all the tea!

Pattern Release – Love Notions Lenox

Jeez n bread… I HATE knit fabrics! Al’right, maybe hate is too strong a word, but over my 5 year sewing journey, I have pretty much avoided Knits like I tried to avoid Covid. But whaddu you know, covid eventually caught me, and so has sewing knits… it would seem. *Shrugs.  This year, I vowed... Continue Reading →


The Tempo sundress features a darted front bodice, and an optional elasticated or shirred centre back. As with many other Love Notions patterns, Tempo comes in two different bust sizes: the standard bust and the full bust, which vastly improves the bust fit on many without the need for an FBA. The size range? Temp ranges from XS to 5XL i.e. from a 33” bust up to a 57.5” bust. Hip hip hooorayyyyy for size inclusivity!

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